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Why choose long term hire?


A very good question and we think we have the answers for you over the next few pages. Below are some of the points covered in this page:


- Cost Effective Solutions

- Clients prefer to see the whole venue rather than an empty field.

- Marquees aren’t just for weddings

- Discounted furniture hire.

- Full Insurance covered by us.

- The ability and flexibility to change the marquee to the clients vision.

- You receive monthly safety checks.

- Bespoke built to fit in to any area.



Cost effective solutions:


The first thing we all think about is meeting targets or budgets, can you do this with long term hire? Yes!!

Long term hire is a much more a cost affective way to help you meet your goals. Below is just a few reasons why:

- Most of the cost of hiring a marquee is in the build and dismantle. This is eliminated by long term hire.

- Having your own marquee to rent out for any number of events in one month.

- Big saving on weekly hire price, you choose the price to charge the client.

- We charge a one off delivery and installation charge. 



Clients prefer to see the whole venue rather than an empty field:


From our experience over the years, we find some clients don’t have the vision when shown a blank canvas. They need inspiration.

- Walking in to a beautiful dressed marquee just sells its self .

- They can take images to take away with them. This helps them to work out space and how they can make there day look.

- Work out measurements for any decorations they may require or even provided dimensions for suppliers they are thinking of using.



Marquees aren’t just for weddings:


Marquess have this stigma that there only used for weddings…You’ll be surprised when you have the space to rent what people would use it for.

With having a marquee on site full time there are end less ideas to hire it out for, below are just a few but the options are endless:


- Dinner Dance Functions

- Live Events – Bands, Comedy Shows, Open Mic

- Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other celebrations

- Charity Fundraisers

- Art classes or Exhibitions

- Fitness classes

- Meetings and Conferences

- Extra dining space for your restaurant/coffee shop



Discounted furniture hire:


If your planning to use your marquee for events, rather then storage. We can offer you very competitive furniture hire packages alongside your marquee hire. Again saving you money on single hires and making your venue more competitive. Below is an idea of package deal vs per individual hire:


For example a furniture bundle of 120 chairs plus 12 round tables table and a dancefloor for a single weekend hire would be:

- £3.20 per chair per weekend hire (Based on 4 individual hires a month) - £1536 + VAT per month

- £10 a table per weekend hire (Based on 4 individual hires a month) - £480 + VAT per month

- Wooden Dancefloor £200 per weekend hire (Based on 4 individual hires a month) - £800 + VAT per month


Now for the same items with our long term discount applied:

- £5 per chair per month £600+ VAT per month

- £15 a table per month £180+VAT per month

- Wooden Dancefloor £500+VAT per month


Saving you £1536 + VAT a month



Full Insurance covered by us:


We are often asked:

“If we have a Long Term Marquee from you do we need insurance?”

The answer is yes you need to have public liability to cover the type of events you are running at your venue, but the marquee and furniture hired from ourselves is covered by our insurance.

This again reduces the cost that you have to pay for.



The ability and flexibility to change the marquee to the clients vision:


Sometimes a couple are looking for something specific on there venue. Just because your having a long term hire doesn’t mean we can’t still make these amendments for them. These changes would charged at a normal weekend hire which either you can charge the client or you can send them directly to us to arrange.

These changes could include if you didn’t already have them:


- An entrance tent

- Extension to the size

- Black starlit linings or coloured drapes

- A change of windows

- Different furniture, just as a few.



You receive monthly safety checks:


We are away that marquee’s even if on long term hire still need checking on a regular basis.

We include as part of the hire:


- A monthly safety check to check the marquee and ensure it’s all secure.

- Emergency contact – should you feel anything needs attention outside of the monthly safety check.



Bespoke built to fit in to any area:


With our in house machine work shop we can now build a marquee to fit into any area.

We can arrange for one of the team to come and measure the area and discuss the various options available to you.

You can then choose the rent this on a long term hire or we can provide you with an option to purchase the marquee.


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