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Running an event isn`t all about the decorations, you also have to consider the basic things like heating, cooling and power. We find there are some basic questions to consider when hiring a marquee:


  • Do I need to heat the marquee?

  • Do you need power to your marquee? If yes, what do you require power for?

  • Do you need toilet facilities for your event?

  • Do you have enough space to chill everything?


Below we have listed the options we can offer you. If you feel you require something additional that is not listed below, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



There was a time when a marquee was only hired for summer events. With our great heating options you can now hire a marquee the whole year round. Imagine hosting your Christmas or New Year party in one of our stunning marquees. We can also cater for winter weddings which are growing in popularity.

Our specialist marquee heaters deliver clean hot air exactly when and where you require it. Each unit is thermostatically controlled and will be out of view of your guests.

Your guests need not worry about being warm enough, even in the colder months of the year. With our heating systems your guests will be kept warm and comfortable. They offer a safe and cost effective solution when compared with the cost of hiring a fixed venue. We can position the heaters in any location ensuring complete comfort for your guests.

We are frequently asked if you require a heater in the summer? We generally find from June to end of August we don`t use heaters. However we suggest you assess the weather nearer the event, as we all know the British weather is unpredictable.



 Do you need toilets for your event? 

Unfortunately this isn't something we offer any longer, however we have worked with the following companies on events, they may be able to assist you.  

- Gigloo Toilet Hire - Toilet Trailers & Event Toilets 

- Sweet Pea Toilets - Luxury Toilet Trailers 

- Hire a Loo - Event Toilets

- True Loo Luxury Toilet Hire 

Fridge Trailers

Have you ever considered how to keep your food and drinks chilled for your event? We may just have the right solution for you.

We have a small fridge trailer available for hire, to assist with keeping your items cool. These require a 13amp supply so can be run from your standard house supply.



How are you going to power your event? For smaller events we are happy to run power from your property to the marquee. You will just need to check with your suppliers what requirements they have. 

For larger events with catering or based away from a property, you will need to source a suitable generator for your event. You could try:

-Dragon Events 


- Jaks Party Power


Clearspan Marquees

We have a range of marquee sizes to offer you. Find out more about our clearspan marquees and what we have to offer you.


Lighting Options

Lighting can change the feel of your venue with just the flick of a switch, click here for more options.


Long Term Hire 

Need something longer then a week? We offer a long term hire service. Click her for more details.


Clearspan Linings

There are a number of linings to choose from to style your tent. Click here to see your options.


Furniture Options 


We have a range of furniture to finish designing your venue. Click here to view all the options.


Marquee Packages 

Not sure where to start? Check out our complete packages for your event.


Flooring Options

We have a number of options available, click here for more details. 


Clearspan Marquee FAQ's

There are many questions when booking a marquee. Click here to see some of the most frequently asked questions answered. 



Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery to give you some ideas. 

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