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We have comprised a list of the most frequently asked questions about frame marquees. Take a look the Frame Marquee FAQ’s or talk to one of the team today.


What size does my marquee need to be?

How long is a piece of string? Well actually the answer you need comes down to a variation of factors which we will use to calculate your requirements, amazingly, with a few simple details from you about your event we can suggest an appropriate size and style of marquee that will suit your needs. We can fit marquees almost anywhere, over ponds, around trees or even in the middle of a forest- test us!


How long is your marquee hire period?

The duration of the hire period is up to the customer, this will be agreed with you on your quotation.  As a rule the marquee is erected for a set event laid out by the customer, and usually lasts a day or two, however we have had structures out for a period of months which have been used as everything from storage facilities through to temporary living accommodation for an animal sanctuary when the cold weather set in. Discounts are available for long term hire.


When will you erect/dismantle the marquee?

We usually erect the main marquee structure two to three days before the event, for example if your event was on the Saturday we would aim to install Wednesday or Thursday, this then give us or you time to decorate and finish the inside of your marquee to a level that will amaze your guests. 

We dismantle the marquee as soon as possible after the event, getting the site back to normality as soon as possible. If you have any special requirements, please let us know. Please note we do not dismantle marquees on a Sunday. 


Can I make last minute changes to my marquee?

Yes, within reason we will always do our best to comply with any last minute requests. We do ask for a minimum of a weeks notice should you want to change the flooring from matting to carpet.


Can your marquees be opened up in warm weather?

Yes, some of the walls of our marquees can very easily be opened up, subject to the internal decoration of the marquee, but if you think it could be an option we can set it up so it is easily done without getting in the way of your guests.


Are marquees suitable for winter events?

The simple answer is yes, as long as they are decked out appropriately, marquees make ideal venues all year round. We can supply all flooring and heating options to use the marquee in the winter.


Do we need heaters?

Heaters aren’t always necessary but even in midsummer a heater may be needed to take off the late evening chill.  Using the latest heater technology means a marquee in winter can be surprisingly warm.


Are your marquees waterproof?

Yes, but ground conditions are key, if it rains we need to be sure there in enough natural drainage. This is another aspect of our free site visit and will be factored in to our advice so give us a call.


What type and colour are your marquees?

We have two style of marquess to offer. Frame (No poles or ropes) and Traditional (Pole and ropes) take a look at these pages to see the difference. Our frame marquees are aluminium with white PVC although we have some clear roof options for select sizes.

We can also add a Bell End to the frame marquees to give a fun area to finish the marquee off.


What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Lined marquees are more luxurious and give the marquee that fairy-tale look. They also give the customer opportunity to colour co-ordinate the event. With unlined marquees the wall and roof structure are fully visible, however this can be just what you want if you go for a see through roof.


What colour are the linings?

Standard linings are ivory pleated.  However, there is nothing stopping you having any colour. Most clients just go with an ivory interior and then finish it with flashes of colour to match your theme.


Is the power organised for my function?

Depending on the electricity requirements of the marquee, power can either be drawn from a nearby building or we can supply a generator.


Do you only supply the marquee?

No, Please see the rest of our website to see our full packages and other items.


Can your marquees be erected on uneven ground, patio or similar hard standing?

Our marquees can be erected on most types of surface.  Sloping or uneven ground is not a problem, it can transform an unpromising site into the perfect venue.


Can the marquee be connected to a building?

Yes, we can stand a marquee or a walkway immediately next to a building without actually needing to attach it. This alleviates any possibility of causing damage to the building. However please note that although we will endeavour to make the gap water tight, we cannot guarantee that water wont come through. 


How safe are your marquees?

Our marquees are manufactured and installed to EC safety standards and able to withstand wind loading of up to 60mph. This is adequate for all but the fiercest of gales.  All materials meet current fire regulations.


Is insurance included in the price?

Public Liability cover of Southern Events is included however it is the customer’s responsibility to look after and insure the hired equipment. You are responsible for any third party damage to the equipment. 


Could a marquee damage cables or pipes running underneath the site?

Please advise us if any gas pipes, water mains or electrical cabling are crossing the site. If you are in any doubt we can assist you with obtaining the ground plans and arrange a scan of the area for these utilities so we can erect your marquee appropriately


Will your marquees damage our garden?

Temporarily yes. Grass that has been covered for several days will not look at its best but should not take too long to recover.  Any small stake holes left will soon disappear and we are always very careful not to damage plants.


Clearspan Marquees 

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Lighting Options

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Long Term Hire 

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Clearspan Linings 

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Furniture Options

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Marquee Packages 

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Flooring Options

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Heating Cooling & Power Options

Some essentials you might need for your chosen venue. From power to toilets we have you covered. 



Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery to give you some ideas. 

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