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There are many things to consider for your event, however we feel that Lighting is a key requirement for any event, especially if its taking place in the evening. It`s difficult to know where to start so we have broken down our marquee lighting option available for hire across Sussex for your below. Some of these can be used in venues as well as marquees:


Chandeliers - Marquee Only

We have our standard chandeliers which are included with your lined marquee, these are either white or gold and usually dependant on the size of the marquee as to which you will receive. However sometimes you want more of a feature for your event. We can offer you crystal chandeliers for a small upgrade fee. 

Indoor Uplighters

Why do I need uplighters you may ask? Some people prefer these to chandeliers other people use them to create a new feel to the venue for the evening or party element. We can offer you two styles of uplighters:


WHITE UPLIGHTERS - These are mainly used instead of the chandeliers, they give a simple light to the event or even just so your guests can see in the dark. 

COLOUR UPLIGHTERS - These are a great way of adding a splash of colour to your event, whether your wanting to add a disco environment to your garden party or colour to your wedding, these can offer both. We find frequently that these are very popular with weddings, some brides choose to have them turned off during the day and then turned on when the formalities are over and its time to party. 


Spot Lights

Spot lights are great if your wanting to light up something specific, for example a table center or aisle. Spotlights can also be used on a trestle to create some DJ lights.


We find this is a popular feature for 18th and 21st parties but that`s not saying it cant be used for a number of events.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a great way of doing something simple with the canopy of the marquee. We find they are particular popular with the traditional marquee for decorating the poles.


Please note our fairy lights are only for inside use but can be used in marquees or venues. 


Festoon Lighting

Festoon lights are very versatile lighting, whether your looking for something to hang in the ceiling, light up a pathway or create a safety barrier from something dangerous, these are your option. Each set is 20 meters long but these can be connected together to create one long line. 

We find that festoon lights are popular for edging ponds and pathways. 


Clearspan Marquees

We have a range of marquee sizes to offer you. Find out more about our clearspan marquees and what we have to offer you.


Flooring Options

We have a number of options available, click here for more details. 


Long Term Hire 

Need something longer then a week? We offer a long term hire service. Click her for more details.


Clearspan Linings

There are a number of linings to choose from to style your tent. Click here to see your options.


Heating Cooling & Power Options

Some essentials you might need for your chosen venue. From power to toilets we have you covered. 


Marquee Packages 

Not sure where to start? Check out our complete packages for your event.


Lighting Options

Lighting can change the feel of your venue with just the flick of a switch, click here for more options.


Clearspan Marquee FAQ's

There are many questions when booking a marquee. Click here to see some of the most frequently asked questions answered. 



Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery to give you some ideas. 

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