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Frame Marquees Sussex

Frame marquees otherwise known at clearspan marquees are one of the most popular styles of marquees for parties and events. They can be clean and simple without linings, or transformed into a unique styled venue with our linings. We can supply clearspan marquees across Sussex; perfect for almost any event.

I would imagine you are wondering “what is a frame marquee?”. A frame marquee is very similar to a big garden gazebo but the marquees are created out of a much stronger and sturdier frame. The frames are very versatile which allows us to create the correct size for either your event or garden and you have no ropes or poles to get in the way of your event. They can withstand winds up to 80mph.

Our frames are available in the following widths, so we will have something to fit most venue spaces. 

  • 3 meter wide

  • 6 meter wide

  • 9 meter wide


After you have chosen the best width marquee for your area or event we then lengthen this by 3 meter bays. So for example a standard size for an 100 people event with additional space for a dancefloor or bar would be a 9m x 24m marquee. These frames are truly versatile, able to be built anywhere, to any size and any shape.

The great thing about frame marquees is that even if you have an awkward space for example you have to incorporate some steps or over a pond then its all doable. They can also be placed onto grass or concrete (we do however require access to running water for this) Talk to one of the team today as we always like a challenge.

Once you have selected your frame size, you then get to choose your PVC exterior look. For most marquees you get white PVC roofs however on some of our larger marquees  you can have the option of clear roofs, making it a great opportunity to dine or party under the stars.

You can then choose whether you would like Georgian or Panoramic Windows. As standard we will place windows down one side of the marquee then the rest of the sides will have solid white walls. This will then complete your basic frame marquee.

If you looking for something a little more grand or you`re having a wedding then we highly recommend adding the ivory linings and chandeliers to the inside of the marquee. These are a great way to cover all the metal working and internal PVC to give that clean and luxurious finish to your venue.

We highly recommend if you are unsure about your venue or what size you may require, that we come and do a free no obligatory site visit. This way we can check access, answer any of your questions in person and make sure we are providing you with the right size for your event.

Below are some of the options you can add to your marquee to complete the package: 


Clearspan Linings

There are a number of linings to choose from to style your tent. Click here to see your options.


Furniture Options

We have a range of furniture to finish designing your venue. Click here to view all the options.


Long Term Hire 

Need something longer then a week? We offer a long term hire service. Click her for more details.



We have a number of options available, click here for more details. 


Heating Cooling & Power Options

Some essentials you might need for your chosen venue. From power to toilets we have you covered. 


Marquee Packages 

Not sure where to start? Check out our complete packages for your event.


Lighting Options

Lighting can change the feel of your venue with just the flick of a switch, click here for more options.


Clearspan Marquee FAQ's

There are many questions when booking a marquee. Click here to see some of the most frequently asked questions answered. 



Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery to give you some ideas. 

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