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Bar Options

We have a number of different styles of bar and equipment for you to hire from us. Whether you are looking for just a bar structure or fridges we have options for you.

Please see below for further details on these items, prices are to hire the items individually. Check out our Own alcohol packages if you are looking for the full bar hire. 





We have two outdoor bars to offer you, these are hired on a first come basis. We find these are a very popular focal point of a summer wedding because your guests can stand around and chat, you can also access them from all sides. 



We have two types of indoor bar for you to choose from. The first bar is a wooden bar with a matching back bar, the back bar is great as it fits one of our black bar fridges in, this means you can keep your bar in one section. This is £100 + VAT for both units. 


The other type of bar we can offer is our 8ft long bar sections. These are great units if you want to connect more then one section together to create a longer unit. These are commonly used for festivals and large events. These are £100 + VAT per unit. 




Running a bar requires a number of items. Please have a look at the other options we can hire to you for your event. 



We can offer you two types of fridge for your event. A standard black bar fridge, this makes serving and chilling your drinks for your event simple, however if you are hosting a large event and perhaps need a larger chilling facility why not consider our fridge trailer. 

Black bar Fridge - £50 + VAT 

Fridge Trailer - £350 + VAT 



We can hire your glasses for your event and the best thing is you return them to us dirty. The glasses are hired by the crate. We have two types of glasses for your event, normal glass or polycarbonate (plastic) glasses. 

Champagne Flutes (35 per crate) - £10 + VAT 

175ml Wine Glasses (24 per crate) - £8 + VAT

Pint Glass (24 per crate) - £7 + VAT

Half Pint Glass/Long Tumbler (35 per crate) - £7 + VAT

Water Glass/ Short Tumbler (25 per crate) - £7 + VAT

Water Jugs - £0.85 + VAT per item


Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes (25 per crate) - £6 + VAT 

Polycarbonate 175ml Wine Glasses (25 per crate) - £6 + VAT

Polycarbonate Pint Glass (25 per crate) - £6 + VAT

Polycarbonate Half Pint Glass/Long Tumbler (25 per crate) - £6 + VAT



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