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As there are some times questions that everyone asks we have written this Bar FAQ to answer some of the most popular, but if there is a question you have that you do not see below then give us a call to discuss any questions you may have.


One of my guests is teetotal; if we have an all-inclusive bar what do they have to pay?

Within any party there will be always be a mixture of people that drink at different speeds and styles, anyone that does not drink makes up part of the group and the all-inclusive bar is based on an average price per head.


My husband particularly likes our local brewery beer; can we have that at the bar?

Yes we can try to provide all types of any alcohol; however there may be a minimum order quantity on certain products that you will have to cover if they have been ordered in especially for you.


Are the spirits branded?

Yes, we only use branded spirits, you will find that other companies who offer all inclusive packages will only use supermarket brands to keep their profits high, as well as this we only use proper coke and diet coke.


Which bitters do you supply?

As a standard we supply Harvey’s or Longman bitters, Harvey’s is a well-known Sussex product and Longman brewery is an amazing local microbrewery that we have chosen to support, however other brands are available on request


Can we have shots and cocktails?

Shots and cocktails are available on most bar styles, please check the breakdown for each package as to what is included.


What are the bar prices?

Our prices are kept in line with the standard price you would expect to pay at your local pub and in some cases lower, please ask for a price list if you would like to see more.


What lagers do you stock?

Our standard lager is Carlsberg, But others are available on request.


What is the quality/brand of the wine?

Our wine importers that we choose to partner with chooses our house wine for us, this is updated every year and a sample selection is available at a small charge. Should you like to request a specific wine this can be done with an additional surcharge.


Can guests buy bottles of wine/champagne?

Yes we are happy to sell wine by the glass and by the bottle, buying by the bottle will mean that the guest will receive a discount on what they would normally pay if buying by the glass.


Can we bring our own wine?

We are happy for you to supply your own table wine.


Do we charge a corkage fee?

No, we do not charge a corkage fee, however you will need to check with venue hire.


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